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Famous People with Lupus

Michael Jackson

An autopsy revealed that Michael Jackson died of a lethal overdose of the anesthetic propofol, or Diprivan, which he used to relieve his chronic insomnia.



Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Seal is physically striking—but those scars come from discoid lupus, not from tribal rituals as is rumored.

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06 Feb 2015 Worked well originally for sleep apnea now I have day time sleepiness, my head is foggy, no patience, anxiety,depression-and memory loss.ithinkforme it's time to stop
   —Posted by Tyler
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17 Nov 2014 Other than the UTI's it has been a life changer. However the UTI issue may require discontinuation.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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07 Dec 2013 I started taking Nuvigil early last year after being diagnosed with narcolepsy w/o cataplexy. It helped me tremedously. I had more energy, I felt like doing things and I could stay awake longer. At first, I had trouble realizing what time it was at night and I would still be going and it was after midnight. I had to make myself go to bed. That wore off after about 6 months or so. Spring of this year, I felt like the drowsiness was coming back more so my dosage was increased to 250. I have noticed my hands are a little shaky when trying to steady them. My hair does seem a little thinner. I have had an increase in mood changes. Extreme irratability, easily frustrated, extreme loss of sexual desire. I didn't realize that it could be the meds until I started reading everyone elses comments on moods. I have an appt with my dr next week. We will see if does needs to go back down or change meds. Comments are greatly appreciated!
   —Posted by Sleepygirl
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18 Sep 2013 Started taking 50mg Nuvigil and for 4 days it was wonderful with tons of energy and wanting to do things beside sleep. The 5th day it was like the good effects were gone and didn't return. The next 4 days were terrible with depression, thoughts of suicide, stomach pain, and severe diarrhea. I stopped taking the medicine on the 9th day and have gone back to being a slug. The doctor is trying Adderall for a few days and then we'll see. He does not think my bad side-effects are from the Nuvigil. I think they match the information pamphlet. Living like a slug is not an option.
   —Posted by PJ Jingle
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22 May 2013 Good "jump start" in the morning when I take it; more energy ( bordering on a little too much around 11a) through the evening, then a quick energy drain 7- 9, then I shut off like I'm dead. I am more quickly and easily agitated. My hands fall asleep and/or tingle frequently.
   —Posted by Stella Rose
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