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Treatment Information
The generic name of this medication is omeprazole and Brand Name is Prilosec.
Omeprazole is manufactured by AstraZeneca.
The active ingredients of this medication are Omeprazole and Sodium Bicarbonate.
Mainly used to treat symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and other conditions caused by excess stomach acid.
Famous People with Insomnia & Sleeping Disorder

Michael Jackson

An autopsy revealed that Michael Jackson died of a lethal overdose of the anesthetic propofol, or Diprivan, which he used to relieve his chronic insomnia.


Heath Ledger

Actor Heath Ledger suffered from insomnia and sometimes slept less than two hours a night.


Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley is one of 20th century pop culture's most important figures. He suffered from drug addiction and insomnia.


Drew Barrymore

Actress, film producer, and director Drew Barrymore had a troubled childhood. She now suffers from severe insomnia and anxiety attacks.


Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was one of the bombshells of the 20th century. Unfortunately, she suffered from several health problems, including insomnia, endometriosis, and drug addiction.



The highest grossing rapper in the world has a history of insomnia and drug dependence. He checked himself into rehabilitation to help deal with his condition.

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User Comments and videos for Omeprazole
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08 Jul 2012 I have been on this drug for almost a month. I have gained weight and am swelling. My breasts are sensitive. I have had headaches. I don't feel myself and just realized this drug is what was causing it. I can't wait for it to get out of my system.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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02 Apr 2012 Omeprzole seems to generally work fine. I sometime was getting a sensitive bowel area particualrly in the liver area and stomach area when I didn't get a 'good match' of a meal with taking it. The best match was one that included a healthy dose of Psyllim Seed hull (metamucal) with it. A month or so after I changed my calcium source to Calcium Lactate my dosage has drop 1/2. The switch to Calcium Lactate was a bit more dramatic than I would have supposed. My body apparently dumped the old calcium as fast as possible, and I had to lean on Magnesium (milk of) to get rid of it and the stiffness and mild constipation generated. Now I have more clarity in thinking, am less stressed and unsually wake up more rested.
   —Posted by Gregory D. MELLOTT
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02 Apr 2012 I didn't realize that my comment on 'Evaluating..." would also show up here. Anyway, I should add, since taking Calcium Lactate it has been easier to loose weight. Not only is my appetite less, my energy level is usually slightly better than before. I also need to say that likely since I drink a lot of milk my dose for Calcium Lactate is way under the recommened dose. The old form of Calcium was much closer to recommended.
   —Posted by Gregory D. MELLOTT
02 Apr 2012 Since I changed from the common forms of Calcium to Calcium Lactate my need for Omeprazole, my dosage has dropped 1/2. I should note that the change to Calcium Lactate was a bit more dramatic than I would have thought it would be. Apparently the body just started dumping the Carbanate form as fast as it could, as i had to lean on Magnesium (Milk of) to address the stiffness (and some constipation tendency) I had. The mouth also acquired a slight 'dirty' calcium taste at the time. My present dose of Calcium Lactate is quite low, likely due to the fact that I already drink a lot of milk. My teeth let me 'feel' when Calcium is getting low. I tend to eat everything and seem to require meat to function.
   —Posted by Gregory D. MELLOTT
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06 Jan 2012 this medication works well. no side effects experienced
   —Posted by Anonymous
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17 Dec 2011 The only prescription drug that I take and it works just great.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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