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RateADrug users have reported 6 Testim side effects and 4 Testim benefits.

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Low libido? Here’s how to increase your sex drive.
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Effectiveness on "Sexual Dysfunction"
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Reported Changes in Health and Well-Being
Since taking Testim, RateADrug survey participants noticed these changes in their health:
Effect on:Much WorseWorseNo ChangeBetterMuch Better
Appetite 0% 9.4% 79.2% 9.4% 1.9%
Balance/Equilibrium 1.9% 7.5% 81.1% 9.4% 0%
Blood Pressure 0% 7.4% 79.6% 13% 0%
Breathing 1.8% 7.3% 76.4% 14.5% 0%
Confidence 3.6% 20% 47.3% 18.2% 10.9%
Coordination/Motor Skills 3.7% 9.3% 70.4% 14.8% 1.9%
Digestion 0% 1.9% 90.6% 7.5% 0%
Emotional Well-being 1.8% 30.4% 35.7% 23.2% 8.9%
Energy 7.1% 32.1% 30.4% 19.6% 10.7%
Eyesight 0% 3.8% 79.2% 15.1% 1.9%
Memory 1.9% 13.2% 56.6% 20.8% 7.5%
Mental Clarity 1.9% 20.4% 46.3% 22.2% 9.3%
Pain 0% 11.3% 79.2% 9.4% 0%
Patience 3.6% 23.6% 45.5% 23.6% 3.6%
Sexual Health 5.5% 25.5% 38.2% 16.4% 14.5%
Skin Complexion 0% 5.7% 83% 9.4% 1.9%
Sleep 5.5% 10.9% 56.4% 20% 7.3%
Stress Level 3.7% 13% 51.9% 22.2% 9.3%
About these Scores  
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Commonly Reported Testim Side Effects
RateADrug survey participants experienced these commonly reported side effects:
Effect on:NoneMildModerateStrongSevere
Allergic Reaction 91.2% 5.9% 0% 2.9% 0%
Anxiety 68.6% 14.3% 8.6% 8.6% 0%
Back Pain 88.9% 0% 5.6% 5.6% 0%
Blurred Vision 57.1% 28.6% 8.6% 5.7% 0%
Breathing Difficulties 82.9% 8.6% 5.7% 2.9% 0%
Cold Symptoms 85.7% 5.7% 5.7% 2.9% 0%
Confusion 65.7% 17.1% 11.4% 5.7% 0%
Depression 74.3% 14.3% 2.9% 8.6% 0%
Diarrhea 91.4% 5.7% 2.9% 0% 0%
Dizziness 81.1% 9.4% 5.7% 3.8% 0%
Drowsiness 77.1% 8.6% 11.4% 0% 2.9%
Fatigue 70.4% 14.8% 7.4% 5.6% 1.9%
Fever 97.1% 2.9% 0% 0% 0%
Gas 82.9% 8.6% 5.7% 0% 2.9%
Headache 77.8% 11.1% 1.9% 9.3% 0%
Hot Flashes / Flushing 80.6% 5.6% 8.3% 5.6% 0%
Indigestion 91.2% 5.9% 2.9% 0% 0%
Insomnia 74.3% 5.7% 14.3% 2.9% 2.9%
Irregular Heartbeat 80% 14.3% 0% 5.7% 0%
Mood Swings 65.7% 17.1% 8.6% 5.7% 2.9%
Muscle Cramping 82.9% 11.4% 2.9% 2.9% 0%
Nausea 91.2% 5.9% 0% 2.9% 0%
Pain 88.9% 5.6% 5.6% 0% 0%
Ringing in Ears 82.4% 14.7% 0% 2.9% 0%
Sensitivity to Light 85.7% 8.6% 2.9% 2.9% 0%
Sexual Dysfunction 71.4% 5.7% 5.7% 5.7% 11.4%
Stomach Ache 94.3% 5.7% 0% 0% 0%
Stuffy Nose 77.1% 17.1% 2.9% 2.9% 0%
About these Scores  
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Less Commonly Reported Testim Side Effects
RateADrug survey participants experienced less commonly reported side effects:
Effect on:NoneMildModerateStrongSevere
Breathing Difficulties 80% 5% 15% 0% 0%
Chest Pain 97.1% 2.9% 0% 0% 0%
Erectile Dysfunction 77.1% 5.7% 2.9% 2.9% 11.4%
Eye / Vision Problems 85.3% 8.8% 5.9% 0% 0%
Hair Loss 0% 0% 0% 100% 0%
Hearing Loss 85.3% 11.8% 2.9% 0% 0%
Irregular Heartbeat 94.7% 5.3% 0% 0% 0%
Pain in Arm and/or Shoulder 82.4% 2.9% 5.9% 8.8% 0%
Reduced Libido 78.6% 0% 7.1% 7.1% 7.1%
Ringing in Ears 0% 100% 0% 0% 0%
Sweating 71.4% 8.6% 11.4% 8.6% 0%
About these Scores  
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Episodes since taking Testim
Since taking Testim Rate a Drug survey participants reported these episodes:
Fall 1.9%
Seizure 0.6%
About these Results  
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User Comments about Testim
05 Jan 2013 Low journey to isolate fact that level of testosterome was so low-- sick and tired of being exhausted -- only been a few days and do not notice any improvement -- actually more drowsy
   —Posted by 42mapleg
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26 Nov 2012 Have been using the testim gel since May of this year. I initially saw my doctor last fall for a physical (insurance company encourages it) and he told me I had a slow heart rate and should get a stress test. I pushed that off till spring of this year but finally went and got it done because I was feeling tired and worn out all the time. I had no problem getting my heart rate up on the stress test. The heart man told me I had a good healthy heart. I go back to my regular doc and asked him, "ok, so why do I feel so worn out all the time lately. After supper in the evenings I feel like I can hardly stand up". I had been noticing this over the past couple years. It came in waves it seemed. Only once every couple months at first but now it was getting more frequent. I was fine during the week at work, (I sit by a computer all day) but on Saturday when I wanted to work outside in my yard I was to the point where I just had to drag myself. It was really weird. I still had the strength if i needed it, but I just had to force myself. I always felt like I could just collapse. Yet if I came inside to lay down for a nap I couldn't seem to fall asleep. And food just didn't seem to taste good anymore so my appetite was down. I had lost about 10 pounds. I also remember thinking "Gee, I guess this is how guys that commit suicide must feel. I want to live to be 100, but i was feeling like I was already 85 or 90. I'm only 51. Anyway the doctor thought it could be low testosterone so I got a lab test and sure enough it was low. Just to be sure he had me tested again and it was definately low. I picked up my prescription at the pharmacy on a Thursday and sat down to read all the warnings and side effects. WOW! I thought, "This must be some powerful stuff". I wasn't sure how I would react to it so I waited until Saturday morning to start. And that Saturday I woke up and felt the worst I'd ever felt. I felt like I was gonna pass out before I ate breakfast. I put the stuff on and of course I knew it wasn't going to do anything to me that first day but I sure was wishing it would because that day was the worst I ever felt. I was really dragging myself just to walk. By the way, besides the low energy, and tired feeling, my legs had gotten really weak. The next day, Sunday, I couldn't really tell anything probably because it was Sunday and just wasn't trying do anything. On Monday, I thought I could tell just a little difference in how I felt. On Tuesday I was sure of it hey this stuff is really working!" and by Wednesday I was like a whole new man! I was feeling like 17 all over again! I had the energy to workout if I wanted. I couldn't wait to get home and get on the nordic track! On Saturday I took the bike over to the park and went riding. I had a great start to summer. After just about two months I got retested and I was still just below the normal range so my doctor recommended I start using two tubes per day. I didn't want to because one of the side effects is acne. I have only been bothered by it a little but I know if I went to two tubes a day it would be very noticeable. As it is with one tube I'll only have one small zit on my face at any given time. I couldn't believe I was still below normal since I felt absolutely great! He said I could continue with one tube as long as I felt so good and could get rechecked after a few more months. So after 5 months I got checked again and I was in the normal range. I guess one drawback to this is I guess I felt so good that I got overconfident and overdid it with the weight lifting I was doing and pulled something in my left arm. It's taking a long time to heal. But I stay on that Nordic Trak for a half hour or 45 minutes when I get on it. When the weather turned cool I started tryin on long pants that I hadn't worn in years. I can actually get them buttoned now! It really took a long time to get that gut worn down just even a little but eventually I could see I was getting somewhere, and using the testim gave me the energy and drive to keep going and working at it. I put ten pounds on in the first month but it's all in my upper arms and shoulders because I've lost it around the waist. So that's my story guys, and I'm stickin to it!
   —Posted by Anonymous
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04 Jul 2012 I asked my doctor to check my testosterone levels after feeling like the low T guy on the commercials. Tired, depressed, getting flabby, foggy headed, cranky. It was low, around 140, I'm 57 years old. He prescribed Testim and I've been using it for 5 days. The results were almost immediate. An increased feeling of well being, more energy and a clearer head. Also increased libido and more intense/enjoyable ejaculation was also a bonus. I started applying it a night because I didn't want to bring the smell to work, but found it keeping me awake. My wife indicates the smell is not that objectionable, like a cheap cologne as others have mentioned. If just started using it, but so far I'm pleased with the results.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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30 Jun 2012 At age 69 perhaps the hoped for increase in Libdo and Erections is fairy tale. The other possibility is 15 days is not adequate test time.
   —Posted by Aged
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16 Jan 2012 I have been with my Fiance for 4 years... never one argument. since taking testim i find myself nit picking and being overly critical and impatient. not sure if my relationship with survive this... my T was 190... now its 400.00 using the gell that you apply every morning in that pain in the butt tube. stronger in the gym, stronger in bed but ZERO patience.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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