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Wellbutrin XL

User Ratings
Out of 10
5.6  Effectiveness
6  Side Effects
6.3  Holistic Benefits

RateADrug users have reported 8 Wellbutrin XL side effects and 5 Wellbutrin XL benefits.

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Treatment Information
The generic name of this medication is bupropion and brand name is Wellbutrin XL.
The active ingredient of this medication is bupropion.
Wellbutrin XL is manufactured by Biovail Corporation Mississauga.
Mainly used in treating depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD).
Famous People with Depression
SmallMary Kate Olsen.jpg

Mary Kate Olsen

Mary Kate Olsen has struggled with depression, ADD and the eating disorder anorexia nervosa.


Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson has struggled with depression for years, and despite taking anti-depressants tried to commit suicide in 2007.


Sheryl Crow

When Crow suffered a bad stretch of depression in 2003, the musician began an exercise routine and took Prozac to assist in her recovery.


Jim Carrey

This comedian is self-proclaimed to be a "weird, serious person," and has been battling clinical depression since childhood.


Larry King

Late night talk show host Larry King had a bout with depression after having heart surgery in 1987.

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02 Apr 2012 After about 1 to 2 weeks I noticed I had developed a problem getting an errection I was wondering if anyone else had experanced this?
   —Posted by Anonymous
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01 Apr 2011 wellbutrin XL 150mg a day has given me a new lease on life. It has been the only antidepressant that has worked for me with minimal side effects. Initially, my anxiety was increased and I had a few instances of mild to moderate agitation and was not fun to be around. This lasted only for the first 2 weeks on start-up of wellbutrin. It is one of the harder drugs to begin treatment on but stick with it for a month to really give it a chance to work. I take it in the morning as it keeps me awake and gives me energy for the day. I take this medication for anxiety and it has helped me to be more social to a point. Before i used to hide in my house and not want to leave for fear of having to talk with people. Thank you Wellbutrin!
   —Posted by Anonymous
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09 Sep 2011 what are the effects (positive) of wellbutrin after 4 weeks? i noticed too that i felt more normal after just a few days, but i was wondering what the long term effects were? does it put you in a "drug haze"?
   —Posted by Anonymous
18 Mar 2011 Having a stressful job and family life, I was having the hardest time coping and I just wanted to die. Since taking Wellbutrin XL, I feel that I have gotten my life back ...I had forgotten what it was like to feel 'normal'. I personally don't want to go off this drug because I never want to feel that desperate, depressed and alone again. I'm a fan and unless something better and natural comes along, Wellbutrin is my best friend ;)
   —Posted by Anonymous
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28 Jul 2010 I tried many other medications to help me and none of them worked but when I took wellbutrin xl it made me feel balanced and focused instead of all over the place
   —Posted by ab
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29 Jun 2010 I am getting off the drug-have serious side-effects with the prozac and wellbutrin xl--anxiety so bad I have to now take ativan for it to get through-odd thing is I have a good normal day and the next is filled with anxiety. so hard to understand what is going on with that-taking every other day-but if I take it 2 days in a row still get the every other day side-effects. Anyone else have that problem??? Thank You-Sandy
   —Posted by Sandy
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09 Sep 2011 yeah you need to be observant with antidepressants and how you feel. prozac might lower your anxiety and put you in a "Drug haze" while handling your depression but not returning you to "normal". wellbutrin is good for returning to normal and not getting that crappy haze, but the side effect is increased anxiety. i would couple taking these meds with alternative treatment too, like acupuncture.
   —Posted by n47
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