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Famous People with Multiple Sclerosis
SmallTeri Garr LRS-024662.jpg

Teri Garr

In 2002 Teri Garr announced that she had had Multiple Sclerosis for 25 years.

SmallMontel Williams SGG-046184.jpg

Montel Williams

Williams was first diagnosed with MS in 1999, although he'd been having episodes on and off for many years.

SmallTamia Hill DLL-087963.jpg

Tamia Hill

In 2003 Tamia announced that she has Multiple Sclerosis.

SmallClay Walker & wife PRN-020703.jpg

Clayton (Clay) Walker

Clay produced one country music hit after another until he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1996.


Jacqueline du Pré

When du Pré was still only 28, her doctors reached the conclusion that she was suffering from MS.

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User Ratings:
Side Effects
Holistic Benefits
I have stopped and started three times, to be sure it was the Lipofen causing me the problems and got the same results every time. This being a non statin my doctor thought it might work on me because all Crestor and other statin type drugs have made me very ill. Don't know where to go from here; wish I knew why both statins and this make me so sick, and if there is another route to take.
User Ratings:
Side Effects
Holistic Benefits
It didnt help with my chrones disease
User Ratings:
Side Effects
Holistic Benefits
Although this medication works well for my hypertension, it usually gives me shoulder pain and because of that, I can't lift my arm up. Also, I have leg pain sometimes and can't stnad up once I sit down. Stiff leg. I take it in combination with captopril
User Ratings:
Side Effects
Holistic Benefits
Better than the patch! Too pricey now that I lost my insurance.
Amlodipine Besylate
User Ratings:
Side Effects
Holistic Benefits
Was helpful in lowering my borderline high blood pressure to normal range
User Ratings:
Side Effects
Holistic Benefits
namenda worked really well with little to no side effects
User Ratings:
Side Effects
Holistic Benefits
This if one horrid product for about 1/2 the people that use it. I am a senior so when I go shopping I ask heavier or older people if they take it and if there are any side effects. About half say yes or they know someone on it that has problems. My Urine had got very smelly, so bad one had to wash after urinating or the stench came through ones clothing. I went to the Doctor, quit taking it and He found Liver infection and that was treated. I had quit taking it and after things were healed I... View full comment
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