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Famous People with Multiple Sclerosis
SmallTeri Garr LRS-024662.jpg

Teri Garr

In 2002 Teri Garr announced that she had had Multiple Sclerosis for 25 years.

SmallMontel Williams SGG-046184.jpg

Montel Williams

Williams was first diagnosed with MS in 1999, although he'd been having episodes on and off for many years.

SmallTamia Hill DLL-087963.jpg

Tamia Hill

In 2003 Tamia announced that she has Multiple Sclerosis.

SmallClay Walker & wife PRN-020703.jpg

Clayton (Clay) Walker

Clay produced one country music hit after another until he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1996.


Jacqueline du Pré

When du Pré was still only 28, her doctors reached the conclusion that she was suffering from MS.

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User Ratings:
Side Effects
Holistic Benefits
having many side effects from using the medication
Lupron Depot
User Ratings:
Side Effects
Holistic Benefits
I took ONE shot of 3.75mg Lupron Depot prior to fibroid surgery and still have an enlarged abdomen / bloating / fluid retention nearly one year later. I weigh only 91 pounds but my formerly flat stomach sticks out like a baby bump. What's worse, it's very uncomfortable. My clueless doctor suggested I wear Spanx (what, forever?) and even that didn't hold my abdomen in. It's a hormonal issue. Lupron is notorious for causing or worsening thyroid disorders, diabetes, osteoporosis, heart prob... View full comment
Dwarf Morning Glory
User Ratings:
Side Effects
Holistic Benefits
I use this ingredient as part of an Ayurvedic Sleep tea. This combination of Holy Basil, common herbs and Ashwaganda and Gotu Kola has helped greatly with my sleep problems. Insomnia used to be a problem 3-4 times a week. Now it is rare to occasional.
User Ratings:
Side Effects
Holistic Benefits
The first time i used this drug it did not change my menstrual cycle but i did feel abit strange however the second time it did not work at all even though i had taken it within 24hrs of unprotected sexual intercourse. my mood changed slightly (more irritable) and i was more anxious, probably because i was not sure if the drug had worked or not.
User Ratings:
Side Effects
Holistic Benefits
Not totally sure if symptoms I listed in survey are due to rozerem or other problem. However, symptoms of fainting, headache, confusion; started in less than one week.
User Ratings:
Side Effects
Holistic Benefits
After 2 years it seemed like the Plaquenil was no longer working. My Rheumatologist switched me to Azathioprine but I had an allergic reaction to it. I am now back on Plaquenil and it seems to be working again along with Prednisone.
User Ratings:
Side Effects
Holistic Benefits
Hi Kumar, There are some great ayurvedic (indian medicine) herbs for blood pressure that DON'T have side effects. Amla is a good one to start with, but tripaila is good too. You might want to check with any ayurvedic doctor. There should be some in Singapore, check the auyervedic section of this site. I think they list both indian and chinese medicines with users ratings. Good luck with your BP Also try the symptom feedback feature- worked pretty well for me when I needed to find out wh... View full comment
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